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Render Parameters are being cleared for the wrong layout



      These are the customer's exact steps but I was able to follow them and reproduce.
      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) Create a regular role Employee
      2) Create a page called "Home" under Control Panel >> Site Pages >> Private Pages
      3) Assign VIEW permissions to Employee role in "Home" page permissions
      4) Remove VIEW and ADD DISCUSSION permissions to Site Member role for page Home
      5) Create a page called "Home2" at root level under Private Pages
      6) Users which are not Employees should go to Home2 page when login
      7) Create a Web Content with some text in Control Panel >> Web Content >> add
      8) Drop an Asset Publisher in /group/guest/home page
      9) Copy portlets from "Home" to "home2" in Control Panel >> Site Pages >> Private Pages >> home2 >> Copy Portlets from Page
      10) Create an user named "Customer" and make him a Site Member of the site.
      11) Sign in as Customer user
      12) Go to /group/guest/
      13) Check browser URL is still /group/guest/, click on the "Read More" link of the web content which is in the Asset Publisher
      14) The asset publisher is in "Full Content view mode"
      15) Change the URL directly in the browser to /group/guest/
      Expected Result: The Asset Publisher would display the content in list view
      Actual Result:: The Asset publisher is still in full content view mode instead of list view
      Branch: Reproduced on 6.1.x b35f21c61d4faec0ddd48e99c797eb0fa04032cc
      Trunk: Reproduced on Master 9514ce50f221ed016341d58e2d5f6bf3fb066ebc

      NOTE: this issue happens because the render parameters are being cleared for "home" and not "home2"


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