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Sometimes images are not accessible in a sharded environment



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Setup a sharded environment with ManualShardSelector and 2 datasources
      2. Add an entry to /etc/hosts file like: shard1.example.com
      3. Startup the portal, go to Control Panel > Portal > Portal Instances
      4. Add a new instance by specifying each server as shard1.example.com
      5. When shard is created login to http://shard1.example.com:8080
      6. On the first page, click Manage > Page on the Dockbar menu
      7. Select the Advanced menu and upload an image for the page, Save it and close the dialog
      8. Refresh the page, the image should appear in front of the page's name in the navigation section of the page.
      9. Copy the link of the page
      10. Log in to the default shard (http://localhost:8080 by default)
      11. Go to Control Panel > Portal > Server Administration
      12. Clear all content and caches
      13. Paste the image's url to this browser window, and replace the host name from shard1.example.com to localhost, then try to load the image
      14. The image will not show up
      15. Paste the original link and try to load the image
      16. The image will not show up
      17. Navigate to http://shard1.example.com:8080 and verify that the image not appears before the first page's name in the navigation section


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