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Adding a comment to a calendar event causes LAR import to fail



      Exporting and then importing a site that has a calendar event comment will fail.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Deploy calendar plugin
      2. Add a site and page with the calendar portlet
      3. Enable event comments
      4. Add an event with a comment
      5. Export the site LAR
      6. Import the site LAR onto a new site
      7. Assert console errors and import fail

      Expected Result:
      You should be able to import and export a site with calendar event comments

      Actual Results:
      Importing a site that contains a calendar event comment causes the import to fail and the console to throw errors

      See attachment for portal console output


        1. CalendarCommentImportConsoleLog.txt
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          Christian Stokes
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          Adam Brandizzi
        3. error-master.txt
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          Adam Brandizzi
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          Adam Brandizzi
        5. stuck-lar-upload.png
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          Adam Brandizzi

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