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Form Builder - Allow modifications done in the Source tab to persist after the View tab has been accessed



      Currently, the default view in the Form Builder is the View tab. This is a problem when modifications have been made in the Source tab that are not recognized by the Form Builder (such as removing a predefined value for a Radio field). When this type of modification is done in the Source tab and then the Form is opened again for editing, the source is reverted to match the View tab's rendering of the form, thus requiring the user to make the Source modifications again.

      The request is to allow the modifications in the Source tab to persist, even after accessing the View tab. Alternatively (or additionally), another solution is to allow the user to set the default tab for the Form Builder when it loads.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Start Liferay
      2. Login as administrator
      3. Go to Site Administration > Content > Documents and Media > Manage > Document Types
      4. Add a Document Type
      5. Enter in Test as the name
      6. Add a Radio field to the document type
      7. Select the Radio field to edit the field settings
      8. Click on the Source tab and remove the following tag:
        			<entry name="predefinedValue">
        				<![CDATA[["value 1"]]]>
      9. Hit Save without clicking on the View Tab
      10. Open the Document Type for editing
      11. Notice the View tab is the default view
      12. Click on the Source tab
      13. Notice that all source changes have been reverted. The user will have to make their modifications and ensure that the desired source changes are once again implemented before saving again.


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