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Publishing by "Date Range" is not obeying start date when it's greater than "last publish date"



      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a site and enable local staging on it
      2. Add a page and an asset publisher to it
      3. Create web content wc1 and wc2
      4. Publish to live all content and check that live page contains the asset publisher and shows wc1 and wc2
      5. Wait 1 minute
      6. Edit wc1, changing title to wc1-edited, at time t
      7. Wait 1 minute
      8. Edit wc2, changing title to wc2-edited, at time t+1 minute
      9. Wait 1 minute
      10. Publish site to live. Make sure you choose date range and set startDate = t+1 and endDate = t+2 (1 and 2 are minutes)

      Expected behavior:

      • Only wc2-edited is published, therefore, live page should show wc1 and wc2-edited

      Observed behavior:

      • Both wc1-edited and wc2-edited are published. Live page shows wc1-edited and wc2-edited

      LPS-14689 fix is causing this behavior. That fix makes sense only when publishing "From Last Publish Date", but currently is being applied to all publishing options, including "Date Range" and "Last". This makes start date to be set to last publish date when is older than last publish date.

      When user specifies a date range, user should be aware that unpublished data outside that date range won't be published to live.


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