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Web Content displays blank title when adding more than one translation at a time



      1. Go to Control Panel -> Web Content. Click on Add
      2. On Default Language, click change, and select Spanish (Spain). Though it really doesn't matter which language you pick, it just can't be English (US) (or whatever language you've set as your default Display Settings.)
      3. Put Test-Spanish as the Title and the Content body, and Publish it.
      4. Go back to that web content, and click on "Add Translation" dropdown menu, and select German (Germany).
      Again, it really doesn't matter so long as you don't select English (US)
      5. A popup will appear, and you can add the localized text. Notice how the Title has Test-Spanish, this is important.
      Put Test-German as the Title and the Content body, and click Save.
      6. Now, click on "Add Translation" dropdown menu, and select English (US) this time.

      The same popup will appear, but the Title will be blank!
      This is inconsistent with step 5, since the original Title appeared last time. Interestingly enough, if you let English (US) stay as the default language, this issue isn't reproducible.
      It looks like the bug is that you if you add two translations in a row, the second time, the Title will be blank.


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