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Duplicate content article will be created outside of Web Content folder when the article is edited in asset publisher



      Customer created a Web Content folder and also created an article within that folder. After editing the article through Asset Publisher portlet, the updated web content article will exist outside of the the Web Content folder that customer created besides the one that is already inside of Web Content folder. There are duplicates of the same web content article which assigned as different version.
      Reproduce Steps:
      1. Sign in as Administrator and navigate to Admin-> Content-> Web Content.
      2. In the Web Content navigate to Add--> Folder.
      3. Create a folder named "Test Folder" and save.
      4. Go inside the "Test Folder" and add a Basic Web Content " Test Content".
      5. Navigate to My Site--> Liferay(Applicable with your own site name)
      6. Add Asset Publisher
      7. Click "Edit" option on "Test Content" and update the body of the article then publish the update.
      8. Navigate to Admin-> Content->Web Content.
      Observed Behavior: The Test Content shows up outside of the Test Folder. Inside of Test Folder there is also a copy of Test Content.
      Desired Behavior: The updated Test Content only shows up inside of the Test Folder.


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