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Message Board CKEditor will not read HTML unless set in portal-ext



      1. Start Portal and navigate to Admin > Content > Message Boards and click the Configuration cog icon
      2. Set the Message Format drop down to HTML
      3. Close configuration and either navigate to a page with message boards portlet or post a new thread in the control panel
      4. Click Source in the CKEditor and add HTML code to the editor
      5. Publish your new thread or switch out of Source mode in the CKEditor

      Expected result:
      Preview in CKEditor and published message board post should correctly display what is defined in the Source (without showing the actual HTML code).

      Actual result:
      Preview in CKEditor and published message board post display whatever is literally written in the source, this includes HTML tags or anything that is written. Adding text (with any line) to the normal Editor and publishing will create a post with that line literally written in the source (no formatting or HTML tags)

      A workaround to this is to add the following to the portal-ext:


      This sets the message boards default format to html, doing this from the portal-ext will make the portlet behave correctly, in the control panel the correct setting set in the Message Format drop down.


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