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'My Account' page Layout is changed after changing the profile picture in IE9



      The layout changes after changing My Account > Profile. The issue only occurs in IE 9.

      Replication Steps:
      1. Login to liferay.
      2. Navigate to 'My Account' and click on it.
      3. In 'My Account' pop-up, click on 'Change' button.
      4. In 'Upload Image' page, do not upload any image and click on 'Close' button.

      The same issue also occurs when we change the company logo from Portal Settings.

      Actual Result: Page layout is broken in IE9. (Test Result Attached)

      Expected Result: The layout keep the same as what it was.(Test Result Attached)

      Error and Warning No Error and Warning.

      IMPORTANT: IE developer tools must be closed to reproduce the issue.


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