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Paginator fails to reset in Related Assets portlet



      1. Add an Asset Publisher to the home page.
      2. Add three web content articles - TEST, TEST1, TEST2.
      3. Make it so that TEST is related to TEST1 and that TEST1 is related to TEST and TEST2.
      4. Add a Related Assets portlet to the home page. Go to configuration > display settings and change the results per page to one, and change the pagination to 'regular'.
      5. Back on the home page, click the TEST article in the asset publisher - you should see a related asset in the Related Assets portlet.
      6. Click the back button in the Asset Publisher.
      7. click the TEST1 article and there should be two pages of related assets in the Related Assets portlet.
      8. Go to the second page in the Related Assets portlet.
      9. Click the back button on the Asset Publisher.
      10. Click the TEST article again.

      Notice the Related Assets portlet is blank because it is displaying page 2 from the previously related asset.


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