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DDM Template import (Mirror) doesn't replace DL references



      Template links referring to Document Library entries aren't imported properly from LAR file.

      Although this applies to both the Mirror and Copy As New strategies, the former is more important to be solved for a Customer. For the latter, LPS-48001 is filed.

      Reproduction steps

      1. Create a blank site
      2. Add a basic document and save its URL for later, e.g. as:


      3. Add the following Structure, Template and Web Content:
        1. Create a new Structure, add an arbitrary field
        2. For the above Structure, create a Template with a script like this:
          <a href="YOUR-SAVED-LINK-FROM-ABOVE">link</a>
        3. Create a new Web Content based on your new Structure
      4. Add a Public Page to your site, and add a Web Content Display portlet with the above content selected
        1. Checkpoint: Clicking the web content link should open the document uploaded above
      5. Export the site, and download the LAR file
      6. Create another blank site
        1. Import the LAR file with the Mirror with Overwrite strategy
      7. Go to the new site and check the web content link
        1. Actual result: The link is broken, it contains unresolved references
        2. Expected result: The link is healthy, it refers to an existing document


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