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Unable to configure subtypes from other sites included in the Asset Publisher



      Unable to filter by subtypes from other sites included in the Asset Publisher

      Steps to reproduce/Testing done

      1. Start Liferay and login as Admin
      2. Go to Admin > Control Panel > Sites
      3. Create 3 sites:
        • Parent
        • Child1 (Child of Parent site)
        • Child2 (Child of Parent site)
      4. For each of the following sites, Global, Parent, Child1, and Child2:
        • Go to Admin > Site Administration > Content > Web Content
        • Add a structure named SITENAMEHEREStructure
        • Add a template named SITENAMEHERETemplate, using the SITENAMEHEREStructure
        • Add an article using the SITENAMEHEREStructure and name it SITENAMEHEREContent
      5. Go to the Child1 Site > Site Administration > Pages
      6. Add a page of any name
      7. Go to the page added and add a Asset Publisher portlet
      8. Go to Asset Publisher > Configuration > Scope
      9. Add the following sites to the scope:
        • Global
        • Parent
        • Child2
        • Child1 (which should already be included)
      10. Configure Asset Type to be Web Content Article
      11. Save and verify that all 4 articles are displayed
      12. Go back to Asset Publisher > Configuration > Asset Type
      13. View the Subtype pull-down menu and verify that it is not possible to filter structures not from the Global or current site

      This behavior was changed slightly with LPS-46009 in that all parent site structures are inherited by child sites. However, this does not resolve this issue as sites not in the hierarchy (in this case, Child2) do not include their structures in the subtype pull-down menu, when selected in the Asset Publisher configuration.

      Results of Testing
      Expected behavior: All sites added to the Asset Publisher's scope can be filtered by their subtypes (structures)
      Actual behavior: Only the current and Global site's subtypes can be filtered by in the Asset Publisher

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