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"layoutIds" hidden field won't contain checked pages correctly when pages tree doesn't load all selected nodes at first time




      When clicking to "Load more results" then the publishing to live doesn't recognize this. It actually results in 2 scenarios

      • When you select only a page which lies under the loaded more results then everything gets published.
      • When you select a page outside of the more results AND a page inside the more results, then the more results don't get published.

      0. Use: layout.manage.pages.initial.children=2 in portal-ext
      1. Log into the portal with default Test admin. Go to Control Panel, Sites. Add a new blank site, enable Local Live staging, use defaults, save.
      2. Go to the Pages section and add 3 pages: a1, a2, a3.
      3. Go back to the site itself using the Dockbar and select Publish to Live section.
      4. Click Load more results and select a3 to be published. Click OK.
      5. Log out & log in
      6. Go to Dockbar/Staging/Publish to Live
      7. Click in "Change" in the "Pages" section, then, click on OK
      8. Publish

      Result: a1 and a2 got published too. (In fact if there were pages a4 and a5, they would have been published too.)
      Technical note "a3" got stored as checked node in the 1st session, though, it was not reloaded again the 2nd session, so its layoutId didn't get added to the "layoutIds" hidden field that is supposed to hold the Ids of the layouts selected for publishing.


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