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Shopping portlet throws an error with a minimum order amount and a 0 quantity item at checkout



      1.Start Liferay and login as Admin
      2.Go to Admin->Shopping-> Configuration
      3.Move all credit card vendors from Current to Available
      4.Change the Minimum Order field to 0.01
      5.Go to Shopping Cart > Cart´╝înotice it is empty
      6.Click on Checkout and notice you receive a message stating, "Your order cannot be processed because it falls below the minimum required amount of $0.01"
      7.Go to Shopping Cart categories and click Add Item
      Enter in an unique SKU and Name
      Set Stock Quantity to 10
      Under Prices, be sure to set a Min Qty, Max Qty, Price (greater than 0) and hit Add Price, then hit save
      8.Click on the item and then click Add to Shopping Cart
      9.Change the Quantity on the next page to 0 and hit Checkout
      10.Enter in a Billing and Shipping Address and hit Continue
      11.Finally, hit the Finished button

      Results of Testing
      Expected behavior: From the customer, "If the quantities of the cart has been updated so that the total cost comes up lower than the required amount, a nice dialog box should pop up and stop the user from checking out."
      Actual behavior: An exception "CartMinOrderException" is thrown in the console and the portlet displays, "Shopping is temporarily unavailable."


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