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Organization Roles are not refelected for Organization Web Content referenced outside of organization


    When attempting to view the permissions of an organization created web content from a site which is outside of the organization, a user is unable to see the attached organization roles.

    Steps to reproduce / testing done:
    1. Create a new organization with a name 'testing' with a organization site - add yourself as a user (necessary for step 9)
    2. Create an organization role
    3. Choose testing from the scope.
    4. Go to Web Content and add a web content.
    5. Open up the web content and click on permissions.
    6. One should be able to view related Organization roles.
    7. Now, create a new site and go to that site
    8. Add a Web Content Display portlet on there and select the newly added web content
    9. Make sure that the testing option is selected under My Sites when searching for web content. This is in advanced search.
    10. Select the web content and save
    11. Edit the web content from the page
    12. Click on permissions.
    13. There is no organization role in the list of roles.


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