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Exporting a page containing link is not read correctly after importing to another site if a context is set for the source site



      Reproduction steps:

      1.) Setup two bundles
      2.) Create a different default context for one of the bundles.
      a) Change $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/ROOT to portal
      b) Change $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml to portal.xml
      c) Edit this file and change contect path to "/portal"
      3.) Start this bundle and log in as Test Test.
      4.) Upload a file (e.g. pdf file) into Document & Media.
      5.) Create a web content containing a link to the uploaded file (click on Link button in CKEditor and use Browser Server to find the appropriate file)
      6.) Add the web content to a page by using the Web Content Display portlet.
      7.) Export the site page tree selecting all apps and contents.
      8.) Start the second bundle (no change in default context), create a new site and import the generated LAR into other site selecting all apps and contents.
      9.) Open the page in the destination site and click on the link of the document.

      Result: "The requested resource was not found." error message is shown and the document is not displayed.


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