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Adding Image to Web Content in IE10 causes errors to be thrown in console



      Issue: Adding Image to Web Content in IE10 causes the attached errors to be thrown in the console. This only occurs in IE10, and it only occurs the first time an image is added to a piece of Web Content.

      Steps to Reproduce:
      1) In IE 10, log in and navigate to Documents and Media.
      2) Upload an image to the Documents and Media Library
      3) Navigate to the front page
      4) Add a Web Content Display Portlet
      5) Click to Add Content
      6) Select the Image Icon to add an image
      7) Navigate to the image that was uploaded in Step 2
      8) Select that image that was uploaded

      Expected Result:
      The image is added, and there are no stack traces in the logs

      Actual Result:
      The image is added, and a long stack trace appears in the logs


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