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Unable to change the root folder of a DM with other folder out of the current folder



      1. Go to Site administration > Content > Doc & Media
      2. Add the next folders:

      • folder1 and folder2
      • folder11 as subfolder of the folder1

      3. Go to the home page of the same site and add the DM to the page.
      4. Configure the DM and select the folder1 as the root folder.
      5. Reload the home page and try change the current root folder, folder1, by the folder2

      Result You can't access to the folder2 (see attached reconfigure-rootfolder.png). Also, after clicking in the "Home" link, you can't navigate to folders out of the current selected folder1.

      Expected You can navigate to the parents folders with the links in the breadcrumb and select the folder out of the current root folder.

      Workaround Use the button to remove the root folder of this DM and then select a new one.


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