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Defining specific Structure Workflow for a Web Content Folder prevents use of undefined Structures


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      When a Specific Workflow is defined for a Structure in a Web Content Folder, all other undefined Structures can no longer be added to the folder.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Deploy kaleo-web
      2. Go to Admin > Content > Web Content
      3. Add a new Test Structure and Template
      4. Add a Folder > Edit Folder
      5. Choose "Define Specific Restrictions and Workflow for This Folder"
      6. Click "Choose Structure"
      7. Pick Test structure
      8. Set to "Single Approver" workflow
      9. Save
      10. Attempt to Add "Basic Web Content"

      Expected Result:
      User can add Basic Web Content Structure. All undefined Structures should default to "No Workflow" when another structure has a workflow defined.

      Actual Result:
      Basic Web Content Structure cannot be used.


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