If you are an OpenId user, when you initiate the sign-in from an SP, you are directed to the IdP's sign-in page and are presented with the standard sign-in option. If you select the OpenId option you lose the context of your original sign-in request and upon successful sign-in through OpenId you are directed to the IdP's default landing page, rather than the original SP.

      Steps Taken

      1. Starting as a non-authenticated user, click the Sign In link on an SP.
      2. In the IdP's sign-in portlet, select the OpenId link.
      3. In the OpenId input, enter your openId and select Sign In button.
      4. Complete the sign-in process through your openId provider

      Expected result: After successful sign-in, user should be directed back to the SP.

      Actual results: After successful sign-in, user is directed to the default landing page of the IdP.




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