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Can't edit the content using source mode in popup window in IE8



      IMPORTANT: IE8 must not be in Compatibility Mode of any kind to replicate this issue. If you're testing this on a local network, it's probably in a form off Compatibility Mode. You can temporarly turn of Compatibility Mode in Developer Tools (F12). Be sure it says "Browser Mode: IE8" and not "Browser Mode: IE8 Compat View"

      Step to reproduce :
      1. Login Liferay using IE8
      2. Go to Control Panel -> Web Content
      3. Add a web content and save as draft
      4. Click "Add Translation" and select a language
      5. Pop up "Web Content Translation" and click "Source" to change to source edit mode

      Problem : Cannot edit the web content on source edit mode using IE8. Using IE7 and IE9, this problem is not reproduced.

      The issue could be reproduced on latest 6.1.x.
      The issue has been resolved in 6.2 EE product.

      In addition, when adding web content in Asset Publisher Portlet, we also can't source mode in popup window in IE8. However, when adding blog in Asset Publisher Portlet, we can use source mode in popup window in IE8.

      So I think the issue occured in Web Content.


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