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Notification Events are out of order when retrieved using the channel



      This issue is manifested in SO 2.1.x

      1. Install SO 2.1.0
      2. Create 5 users: aoeu1.snth, aoeu2.snth, aoeu3.snth, aoeu4.snth, aoeu5.snth and add them to SO (I tested with 5, but started seeing the behaviour with 3)
      3. Sequentially login as each user and submit a contact request to Test Test
      4. Back in Test Test, look at the notifications. If done sequentially, it should show display in some form of numerical order (ascending or descending)

      Result: Requests are shown out of order, ie 1,3,2,5,4
      Expected: Requests should be shown in order, either 1,2,3,4,5 or 5,4,3,2,1

      5. Again, sequentially log in as each user and send a private message to Test Test
      something like M1, M2, M3, etc... so the order is easy to see.
      6. Login again as Test Test and look at the notifications.

      Result: Same as above. Requests are not in numerical (login) order.
      Expected: Same as above. Requests should be in numerical order.

      Reproduced in:
      portal - 6.1.x
      commit 95f05840d006f3217cbbbd5bbe167903f48acac1
      plugins - 6.1.x
      commit fc1d79c91e36e4231e4f6b386c5d877121ec4340

      Not reproducible in master because the notifications portlet no longer uses the ChannelHubManagerUtil to retrieve its notifications. It uses the DB instead. However the issue would still be present if one uses the ChannelHubanagerUtil. Using a hashMap to store the notifications means that order is not guaranteed.


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