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If a user subscribes to the Message Boards root category, they do not receive notifications in the Notification portlet



      If a user subscribes to the top level 'root' category in the Message Boards portlet, they will not receive notifications in the Notifications Portlet.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a page with the Message Boards portlet and deploy the Notifications Portlet
      2. Give regular users permissions to subscribe to Message Boards
      3. Login as the user and subscribe the root category
      4. Login as an admin and add a thread to the root category
      5. Login as the user and assert that no notification appears in the Notifications portlet

      Expected Results:
      A notification should appear whenever a thread is posted in the root category if the user is subscribed

      Actual Results:
      No notifications appear when subscribed to the root category. Notifications only appear if you subscribe to a user created thread or category, but not for the default root category.


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