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Document Selector and RSS Feeds Advanced Search UI Incorrect



      Document Selector

      1. Add an instance of the 'Web Content Display' Portlet.
      2. Select Add by hovering over the portlet.
      3. Select the structure button in the new popup to change the structure.
      4. Add a new structure in the top left.
      5. Add the document selection form.
      6. Now change the template to the newly created one.
      7. Use the document selection form to bring up the document selector.
      8. Press the dropdown magnification glass in the searchbar.

      RSS Feeds

      1. Navigate to 'Administration > Content' in the dockbar.
      2. Select 'Web Content'.
      3. Click the 'Manage' dropdown menu and select RSS.
      4. Press the dropdown magnifying glass in the search bar.

      Also affects:

      • The search bars in both tabs of the 'My Sites' portlet.
      • The search bars in both tabs of 'My Workflow Tasks' in 'My Account' when the user is a workflower reviewer and Kaleo Workflow is deployed.

      Expected Result: An expanded advanced search view similar to the one for device families and other portal plugins.

      Actual Result: The expanded view has shrunken down and does not have the different styling. It appears similar to how the advanced search used to appear as a dialogue box in 6.2.x.


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