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Parent flags for creating Panel pages do not function as expected



      1. Create a new site
      2. Enable local staging on the site
      3. Create 1 page named 'GrandParentA'
      4. Create 3 subpages name 'ParentA', 'ParentB', 'ParentC'
      5. Create 3 subpages under 'ParentA' named 'ChildA', 'ChildB', 'ChildC'
      6. Go to the staged 'GrandParentA' page
      7. From the staging bar, publish to live now
      8. Inside of the Pages panel, click 'Select Pages'. You will see a tree for the Site Pages.
      9. Click on the top level node (Public) to check everything
      10. Uncheck 'ChildA'. The parent page does not change. It is still flagged. Notice that the state of the parent doesn't change.
      11. When unchecking 'ParentA' - everything under 'ParentA' will be unchecked. Flags for the 'GrandParentA' and Public Pages do not change.
      12. Uncheck 'ChildB', and then check 'ChildB'. Notice that only two of the three parent nodes will change state.


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          Shitian "Shelton" Zhang
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          Eric Chin
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          Shitian "Shelton" Zhang

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