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Time zones with same display names are not displayed in time zone selection dropdown



      Currently the TimeZoneComparator class compares by time zone display name if the rawoffsets match. This causes a bug when there are two time zones which both have the same display name. The 'America/Denver' and 'US/Arizona' time zones both have the display name 'Mountain Standard Time', so when both are added to portal-ext.properties, only one will show because we use a TreeSet to store the time zones, and TreeSets don't allow duplicates.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add the 'US/Arizona' time zone property along with all the other default time zone properties.
      2. Navigate to My Account > Display Settings, and click the drop down.
      Expected Results:
      There should be an Arizona time zone, and a Denver time zone (UTC -08:00 Mountain Standard Time and UTC -07:00 Mountain Daylight Time, respectively).
      Acutal Results:
      No time zone available for Arizona.

      To test time zone changes:
      1. Set user time zone in My Account > Display Settings to "Mountain Standard Time"
      2. Add blog entry
      3. Check time


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