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When upgrading 6.0.12 to 6.2 in postgres, knowledge base articles do not appear



      When upgrading 6.0.11 to 6.2 in postgres, knowledge base articles do not appear.

      Tested in 6.2.x
      Can't be tested in master due to not being able to upgrade from 6.0.11 to master, however the affected code remains the same as in 6.2.x

      Steps to reproduce
      1) Start a clean installation of Liferay 6.0 SP1 connected to PostgreSQL 9.2
      2) Deploy the knowledge base portlet and a license. (attached)
      3) In the control panel, add a knowledge base article.
      4) On the home page, add a knowledge base display portlet.
      5) Shut down the server and upgrade to 6.2 GA1
      6) Deploy a license and the latest Knowledge base plugin from the marketplace.
      7) On the home page, click the configuration menu in the knowledge base portlet and select an article to display.
      8) Go to control panel > Sites > Liferay > Content > Knowledge Base (Admin) and view the articles.

      Expected Behavior
      You will be able to select/view the article in steps 7 and 8.

      Actual behavior
      You are not able to view the article.


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