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Typed models cannot be fetched from the DB if classNameId is null



      Documents disappear from the Control Panel after upgrading 6.0.11 to 6.2, when the 6.0.11 site is staged. This only happens when the Document Library is not staged in 6.0.11 (see step 4), and then staged in 6.2 (step 8). This is a bug because the documents should never disappear regardless of being staged or not.

      1) Start a clean 6.0 SP1 bundle.
      2) Go to Control Panel > Document Library > Add a document.
      3) Go to Control Panel > Pages > Settings > Staging > Select Local staging.
      4) Uncheck the Document Library checkbox. Save.
      5) Stop the portal and upgrade to 6.2 Sp6.
      6) Go to Control Panel > Sites > liferay.com > Content > Documents and Media.
      7) Notice the file is there.
      8) Go to Configuration > Site Settings > Staging and check the Documents and Media option. Save.
      9) Go to Control Panel > Sites > liferay.com > Content > Documents and Media. The file is no longer there.

      Expected Behavior: The documents will appear in the Control Panel.
      Actual Behavior: The documents do not appear in the Control Panel.

      Branch 6.2.x - 90722f8d013f84b6c1a9f82b97dc4a7be0636aca: Not reproducible because of LPS-44802

      Master - 65989e51167ee7f36aa49d676833b37b86142a12: Can't test because upgrade from 6.0.11 to 7.0 is not supported.

      NOTE: once upgraded to 6.2.10 (released version) the issue will occur, since there could be other entities besides dlfileentry that are affected by this there should be a verify process to enforce a default value.


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