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Web Content associated with Document Library data type is not retained in the Documents and Media data type following an upgrade



      For Web Content assets, references to content linked in the "Document Library" data type are lost following an upgrade. The JournalArticle table contains retains these references, but the UI displays a blank box following the upgrade.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Obtain a clean 6.0 EE SP1 environment
      2. Log in as omniadmin
      3. Go into Control Panel > YourSite > Web Content and create a new structure
      4. In this structure, under the XML definitions, add a Document Library data type, and save
      5. Create a template, and link the newly created structure to it
      6. Go into Control Panel > YourSite > Document Library and add a few documents
      7. Create a new Web Content asset based on this structure/template combination and for the Document Library data type, link an image. Notice it will reference it as a path.
      (Optional 7b. Create another Web Content asset based on the same structure/template and paste a URL to an image: e.g. https://cdn.lfrs.sl/www.liferay.com/osb-community-theme/images/custom/heading.png)
      8. Shut down the server
      9. Obtain clean 6.2 EE environment, and link the 6.0 EE SP1 database, and copy over the document_library directory
      10. Start up the 6.2 EE Portal and allow it to upgrade
      11. Log in as omniadmin
      12. Go to Control Panel > Your Site > Web Content and edit the Web Content Asset that was created in step #7 (and 7b)

      Expected Result:
      Linked content is referenced.

      Actual Results:
      Blank "Documents and Media" (updated from the "Document Library") data type box. I believe this is unintended, because the references to the Document have been made, and are retained in the JournalArticle table.

      '9fee9763-18ec-48f1-9396-29f568900d93',10359,10360,10157,10132,10169,'Test Test','2014-08-14 19:47:47.955000','2014-08-14 19:47:47.965000','10358',1.0E0,'Test Doc #3','test-doc-3','','<?xml version="1.0"?>\u000a\u000a<root>\u000a\u0009<dynamic-element instance-id="pS3eiDUJ" name="DocLib" type="document_library" index-type="">\u000a\u0009\u0009<dynamic-content><![CDATA[/documents/10157/0/b7iQVEr.jpg]]></dynamic-content>\u000a\u0009</dynamic-element>\u000a</root>','general','10300','10302','2014-08-14 19:47:00.000000',NULL,NULL,TRUE,FALSE,10361,'',0,10169,'Test Test','2014-08-14 19:47:47.965000',0,NULL,NULL

      reproduced on 3b714b84a9eac3f9abf042065b43315cf0444789 when first upgrading from 6011 to 6120 and then to master


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