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Guest with view permission to all Web Contents of a Site cannot view a Web Content created with "Site Members" permission selected in an Asset Publisher portlet



      Steps to reproduce:

      0. Make sure asset publisher is using the indexer to show results with asset.publisher.search.with.index=true in the .properties file.

      1. Edit the Guest Role adding the following permissions:

      General Permissions
      Action: View
      Sites: Liferay

      Web Content Article
      Action: View
      Sites: Liferay

      2. In the "Liferay" Site, add an Asset Publisher portlet and change the Asset Type to "Web Content Article"

      3. Create a Web Content and before publish, change the permission (drop down menu) from "Anyone" to "Site Members", then publish it.

      4 Log out from portal and see if the Web Content just created is visible to the Guest

      Expected Result: The Web Content is visible to the Guest
      Actual Behavior: The Web Content is not visible to the Guest

      Note 1: The order of the steps is very important, first you must edit the Guest Role

      Note 2: You must change the permission of the Web Content before publish, if you don't do this, the issue will not be reproduced.


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