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KB article importer's support of article hierarchies is too complicated and must not require intro/parent articles



      It should be possible to add/update articles without importing parent articles.
      But as the portlet is now, any articles imported must first be accompanied by a parent article that ends with the suffix defined by portlet property markdown.importer.article.intro (e.g., markdown.importer.article.intro=intro.markdown).

      It's good that the portlet supports a two level hierarchy (intro article + children), but an intro article should not be required. If an import includes an update to an existing article, for example, that article should not need to be accompanied by its parent (intro) article. If an import includes a new article that is not an intro article, it should just be added to the root of that knowledge base.

      Lastly, the importer need not support a root "home" article. Since the KB display portlet provides navigation, having to expand a single starting root home article is cumbersome.




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