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Publishing fails when dfile entry has pending status



      in FileEntryStagedModelDataHandler.validateExport the fileVersion.status is checked to see if it is exportable. However, the dynamic query used to find fileEntries does not take status as a criterion because DLFileEntry is not a WorkflowedModel. DLFileVersion is a workflowedModel, thus it should be checked, but the two entities are coupled together with the current staging framework.

      There are two options:
      1) utilize the DLFileVersionExportActionableDynamicQuery
      2) do not validate export with version or trash status because it is already checked in the doExportStagedModel method

      1) set up remote staging on one instance of liferay with two sites "staging" and "remote"
      2) add two documents to "staging" document library
      3) go into the DB and change the status of one of the dlFileVersions to 1 instead of 0 (this simulates what a workflow engine would do)
      4) clear the DB cache in the server
      5) go back to the document library of "staging" to verify that one of the documents is not pending
      6) publish

      expected result: only the approved document will be published
      actual result: an error message appears stating that the workflow status is not exportable.


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