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Discount from coupon in shopping portlet does not apply to sub category



      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Add a shopping portlet
      2. Add a category "cat" and save
      3. Add a subcategory "subcat" and save
      4. Add an item "item", set price to 10.00, set Stock Quantity to 10, and select "subcat" as the category. Save
      5. Go to "Coupons" within the Shopping portlet
      6. Add a new coupon
      7. Set Code to "10OFF"
      8. Set name to "Coupon 1"
      9. Set description to "10 percent"
      10. Set discount to "0.10"
      11. Set Limits to "cat" and Save
      12. Select "item" from the Categories tab
      13. Click "Add to Shopping Cart"
      14. Set Quantity to a number 1 < n < 10
      15. Type "10OFF" into the Coupon Code box
      16. Click "Update Cart"

      Expected Result: The discount should be applied since the item falls within the scope of the "parent" category.

      Actual Result: In the subcategory, the discount is not applied.

      Master: Reproduced
      Commit id: c292ddf97ff78776773d5f0f6b428c13d976a2cb


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