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Link to page - Keep getFriendlyUrl method compatible with previous versions



      Before LPS-38993 the articles didn't contain the linked layout groupId.

      getFriendlyUrl method assumes that the groupId is there, and if not, it is not able to produce the link to the layout.

      Reproducing this issue is not straightforward, as we need articles from a previous version.
      Here is a possible use case for testing:

      1. Create a Structure with a Link to page field
      2. Create a Template for the Structure
      3. Create a Web Content from the Structure
      4. Display the Web Content on a page, verify the generated link.
      It will be something like this : http://localhost:9080/web/guest/home

      5. Shut down the portal
      6. Modify the database: search for the related data in journalarticle table content field : 1@public@10182
      7. Delete the groupId -> 1@public
      8. Restart the portal
      9. Check the link, it's not friendly anymore : http://localhost:9080/web/10182/1


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