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Manage pages - Tree won't expand if Role has "Manage Pages" permission


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      Setup required to reproduce:

      • Create a new Site Role (e.g., "Custom Content Manager")
      • Define the permissions for the new Role as follows:
        Categories > Asset Entries: Add Category
        Categories > Category Vocabulary: View
        Documents and Media: Access in Site Administration
        Documents and Media: Add to Page
        Documents and Media > Document: Delete
        Documents and Media > Document: Update
        Documents and Media > Documents: Add Document
        Documents and Media > Documents: Add Folder
        Documents and Media > Documents: Update
        Documents and Media > Documents Folder: Add Document
        Documents and Media > Documents Folder: Add Subfolder
        Documents and Media > Documents Folder: Delete
        Documents and Media > Documents Folder: Update
        Sites > Site: Go to Site Administration
        Sites > Site: Manage Pages
        Web Content > Web Content: Add Web Content
        Web Content > Web Content Article: Update
        Web Content Display: Add to Page
        Web Content Display: Configuration
      • Ensure you have a Site with pages and child pages
      • Assign the Role created above to a user or a group
        Steps to reproduce:
      • Log in a user with the Site Role created above
      • Go to Admin > Site Administration > Pages
      • Collapse any expanded pages and child pages
      • Click "Site Pages" on the left ** important, do not skip this step
      • Try to expand any collapsed page or child page
      • Result: The plus sign beside the collapsed page becomes a minus sign, but the page tree does not expand; Firebug shows that /c/layouts_admin/get_layouts?end=20&groupId=290601&incomplete=1&limit=20&p_auth=UeewLIp3&parentLayoutId=1&privateLayout=0&selPlid=0&start=0&treeId=layoutsTree was invoked but instead of returning JSON with the page tree, it returns an HTML page with "You do not have the roles required to access this page."

      Is there any Permissions the Site Role can be given to allow /c/layouts_admin/get_layouts to complete successfully and return JSON containing the page tree, rather than the error?


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