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Child and Grandchild pages do not rearrange on the page tree




      When creating a lot of pages with child pages and grandchild pages, the Site Pages tree via Site Admin, does not allow one to rearrange child and grandchild pages.
      Rearranging works fine when a few pages exist.

      Steps to Reproduce

      1. Log in to Liferay portal as an Administrator
      2. Create Site 1
      3. Navigate to "Site Administration" -> Pages"
      4. Import 400 public pages to "Site 1" using the attached LAR file
      5.When you import the .lar file, select the option to use the current user as the author for these page
      6. Recursively expand all pages and child pages
      7. Refresh the current page in "Site Administration" -> Pages"
      8. Click on the site pages tree before it fully expands
      9. Try to move "Page" to somewhere between "Page" and "Page"
      10. Observe that "Page" cannot be moved to the desired location
      (If you are unable to reproduce the issue, repeat Step #6 and then quickly click on the site pages tree before it fully expands)

      Results of Testing

      Reproduced the issue.

      Actual Result

      One is not able to rearrange the order of child and grandchild pages throughout the tree.

      Expected Result

      Regardless of the number of pages that exist, one should be able to rearrange child and grandchild pages throughout the tree.




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