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After upgrade the calendar portlet is not accessible for the site whose owner is deleted



      The calender portlet is not accessible whose owner is deleted.

      1) Start up the Liferay 6.1 GA2 vanilla bundle.
      2) Create new user "user1@liferay.com"
      3) Assign the admin privileges to the new user and logout test user.
      4) Login with user1@liferay.com
      5) Create a sample site named "Test Site"
      6) Create two pages home and Calendar in this site
      7) Add the calendar portlet on Calendar page
      8) Add an new event to calendar portlet.
      9) Logout user1.
      10) Login with omni user test@liferay.com
      11) Deactivate and then delete the user1@liferay.com
      12) Access the Calendar portlet in "Test Site"
      13) Add an new event to this Calendar
      15) Shutdown Liferay 6.1 GA2 server.
      16) Extract clean Liferay bundle 6.2 SP7 EE.
      17) Configure the portal-ext.properties for upgrade.
      18) Add the database configuration in the portal-ext.properties file by pointing to the same database which is used in the Liferay 6.1 GA2
      18) Add the following property in portal-ext.properties file.
      18) Start the server
      19) Login with the omni user(admin user).
      20) Go to the Test Site site's public page where the calender is added.

      Actual result:

      1. The calender is not available to the admin user.
      2. The Add section on the left side is not working, the user is not able to add the new page, application or content.

      Expected result:
      The Add section and site's calender portlet should be accessible to the admin user.


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