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Publishing a web content display with an article and an embedded image in it can cause publish failure when the image was previously published and deleted from remote live



      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a remote staging environment
      2. Add a Document to Staging (upload a image)
      3. Add a web content "Content 1" and embed a image link (the image from new created Document)
      4. Add a page "Page1"
      5. Add a web content display to the Page1
      6. Select web content "Content 1"
      7. Publish Staging to Live. In the Publish options, select "Page1" and click on Choose Content to verify that 1 Document and 1 Web Content are included in the attempt. Change "Referenced Content Behavior" from "include modified" to "include always" for WCD when publishing to remote site. Additionally, flag "include Always" under Web Content Display Option Popup under Choose Applications.
      8. Verify that the publish succeeded by verifying the content in the Live site
      9. Now remove the published document on the Live site. Go to Content -> Documents and Media. Check the file and move it to Recycle Bin. Then go to the Recycle Bin and make it permanent by clicking Empty the Recycle Bin
      10. Now, try to re-publish the Staging site. Since no assets have changed on the Staging side, there should be no assets included in the attempt, with the default data-range settings. Click Choose Content to verify this is the case
      11. Click Publish

      Publish finishes properly and the image is being published
      Publish fails with a missing reference error


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