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"No channel exists with <userId>" error thrown in logs upon signing into the portal



      "No channel exists with <userId>" error thrown in logs upon signing into the portal.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Update your ee-6.2.x repo.
      2. Navigate to your bundle. If portal-setup-wizard.properties exists, delete it.
      3. In portal-ext.properties, ensure that setup.wizard.enabled=true.
      4. Start the server.
      5. Deploy the following plugins from liferay-plugins-ee-6.2.x (in no particular order as far as I can tell):
        1. calendar-portlet
        2. kaleo-designer-portlet
        3. kaleo-forms-portlet
        4. kaleo-web
        5. notifications-portlet
        6. opensocial-portlet
        7. resources-importer-web
        8. sync-web
        9. web-form-portlet
      6. Deploy a 6.2 license for the server.
      7. On the portal-wizard-setup screen, uncheck "Add Sample Data" then finish the confiuration steps. As usual, when you finish the initial configuration steps, you will be navigated to the Liferay site.
      8. Look at the logs.

      Expected Results: Logs should be clean, with no errors thrown.
      Actual Results: "No channel exists with <userId>" error is thrown in the logs.

      Example of error being thrown:

      ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-9][PollerServlet:63] No channel exists with user id 10199
      ERROR [http-bio-8080-exec-9][status_jsp:?] No channel exists with user id 10199

      NOTE: issue has not been reproduced in master, but the code that causes the issue is the same. Therefore the fix should be applied to master as well.


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