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Unable to save article priority changes while having Update Articles Priorites permission



      In spite of a role having the Update Articles Priorities permission on a Knowledge Base, users of that role have no means to SAVE article priority changes.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Create a site role called KB Article Editor
      2. Go to Site Administration > Content > Knowledge Base
      3. Click the Permissions tag and select the checkbox Update Articles Priorities for role KB Article Editor. Save the permission changes.
      4. Log in as a user that belongs to that role.
      5. Go to Site Administration > Content > Knowledge Base and find a folder that has multiple articles.
      6. Modify the article priorities via their text fields, but notice there's no means to save the changes.

      Expected results: Checkboxes should appear next to the articles. When the user selects an article's checkbox, an Action combobox should appear above the table, allowing the user to Save the priority change for that article(s).

      Workaround: Opening up the Delete Articles permission on the KB allows the article check boxes and Actions button with the delete/save options to appear.




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