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Add page available languages do not follow the staged site's languages



      At local staging after defining custom languages for the site, publish is impossible for pages.

      1. Create a site (TestSite)
      2. In Site Administration > Configuration > Site settings > Staging, enable Local live staging
      3. In Site Administration > Configuration > Site settings > Display settings, select 'Define a custom default language and additional available languages for this site.'
      4. Then move a few languages (Portuguese and Catalan for instance) from the Current to the Available window and click Save
      5. Add a page to the site (TestPage) and click Save
      6. try to publish

      At point 5, the number of flags are not correct, all the languages appears, not only the chosen ones.

      When publish, there is a LocaleException in the log and
      The publication process did not start due to validation errors.com.liferay.portal.LocaleException
      on the screen.

      I think, this is because the page locales did not match the livegroup's locales.

      I suspect, that this issue is caused by LPS-51245.


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