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Documents and media portlet scoped to a page: if the first uploaded file is dragged, it will appear in the site scope as well



      I've configured a document and media library portlet to use scope 'page'. Also within this group there's a dm-library configured to use scope group.
      When I upload a file (drag-n-drop) to the page-scoped dm-library-portlet, this file is also added to the other scope (i.e. you can see it in the other document and media library portlet using group scope).

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Log in as Omni-admin.
      • Control panel, add new blank site
      • Add two pages
      • Go to page 1, add Document and media portlet
      • Go to page 2, add Document and media portlet
      • Configure DM library portlet on page 2, set scope to "2 (Create New)"
      • Add a file to the DM library on page 2 by drag'n'drop (this important!).
      • Check page 1.

      Actual result: The file is also present in the DM Library instance even though the scope is set to group here.

      Expected result: The file should only be shown on page 2.

      Note: Do not refresh page manually during the process of reproduction.

      This only applies to the very first document added to the DM library in page scope, and only if that file is added by drag'n'drop. Any additional files will keep within the defined scope.


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