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Can't change between translations using <liferay-ui:journal-article> tag



      1. Create a basic web content with at least 2 different translations and make sure to distinguish them by the content (e.g. include the language ID in the content)
      2. Query the database for the articleId of this journal article
      3. Set the articleId for the portlet parameter in the file html/new/view.jsp within the attached viewJA-portlet-trunk.war. E.g:

      <portlet:renderURL var="link">
      	<portlet:param name="jspPage" value="/html/viewJA.jsp"/>
      	<portlet:param name="articleId" value="187585"/>

      4. Deploy the updated war and place the "view journal article" portlet on a page
      5. Click on the link in the portlet and try to change between translations

      Result: You are unable to change the content for another translation

      The reason is that the attached demo portlet is using <liferay-ui:journal-article> tag. The same issue has been previously discovered and fixed for the Web Content Display and Asset Publisher portlets in LPS-40504. But the same fix should have been applied to the code of this tag also to ensure custom portlets will not encounter the same bug.


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