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journal-content-web main.css sass does not compile



      This may just be a Windows issue
      The main.css file for journal-content-web does not compile correctly.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Add a Web Content Display portlet to the page.
      2. Add an image to the Web Content.
      3. Resize the browser width smaller, or put the portlet in a narrow column.
      4. Inspect the image and notice no rules are applied to the image from a main.css file
      5. In liferay-portal\modules\apps\journal\journal-content-web\src\META-INF\resources\css\main.css add the rule: .portlet-journal-content .journal-content-article img {max-width: 100%;}
        1. Notice the rule already exists as sass
      6. Run "ant deploy" from liferay-portal\modules\apps\journal
      7. Refresh the browser page and inspect the image again.
      8. Open the main.css file in the browser that is applying the max-width rule to the image

      Expected result:
      main.css file looks like plain css when viewed with the browser inspecting tool and css rules are applied to their respective elements.

      Actual result:
      main.css file looks like sass and css rules are not applied to elements unless written like css


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