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Publishing breaks and names are ambiguous if embedded references are in the Recycle Bin



      Issues when publishing web content that embeds references to documents that are in the Recycle Bin

      When an item causes publication to fail, the name of the error is only the TrashEntry.entryId, rather than the actual name of the document. This is caused by an item being in the recycle bin - we change it's title to reference the TrashEntry table - therefore making it ambiguous as an error message.

      Steps to Reproduce
      1. Configure the appropriate portal settings to allow the portal to publish itself. This includes setting the tunneling.servlet.shared.secret to a valid key (e.g. 1234567890123456) and auth.verifier.TunnelingServletAuthVerifier.hosts.allowed=
      2. Configure the secret key, hosts.allowed, setup 2 sites, configure Staging to point to Live, etc. Include both Web Content and Documents and Media in the staging options.
      3. Create a single page.
      4. Add a document to Documents and Media.
      5. Add a web content display with a web content that links to the document. Embedding an image is simplest.
      6. Move the document to the Recycle Bin.
      7. Publish the page to Live. Verify that the Web Content lists 1 item. Include Referenced Content (default). Include Documents and Media (1 Deletions)
      8. Verify the Staging page and Live page match, both with a broken image link.
      9. Now, publish the page again. Use the Date range option (last 12 hours) to include the same content as before. This time don't check the Web Content -> Referenced Content option.
      ACTUAL: The publish now fails with an error like "Document: /17021 (Referenced by a Web Content Article: Test)"

      From Nathan: I'm not sure what the expected behavior should be here but the current situation is problematic.
      1) Instead of displaying the filename, a numeric value is shown. It appears the Recycle Bin functionality automatically modifies the DLFileEntry.title and this makes it impossible for the user to know which file is implicated. If you have a Web Content referencing dozens of embedded assets this makes it very difficult to determine which one is the issue.
      2) It's bizarre that not including a broken reference will cause the publish to fail but including it (even though it's not actually published) will allow the publish to succeed. That seems like a bug too.

      6.2.x branch - Reproduced - a854f0adc1720fe8b078fa02542556a523f8b2ca
      Can't test in master - can't add web content -


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