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CKEditor errors when two editors on page and browser resizes



      When two CKEditor instances are first opened and then the browser is resized; JS errors.
      Any time the browser is resized content is lost.

      Introduced by LPS-46302. LPS-46302 destroys the editors and reloads them. There shouldn't be any issue with doing this. One editor at a time works fine. This might be an issue with CKEditor. A demo with CKEditor alone would need to be created to verify.

      Steps to Replicate:

      1. Place both Wiki & Message Boards on the same page.
      2. Click Edit on the Wiki FrontPage
      3. Click Post New Thread on the Message Boards
      4. Add content to both the Wiki & the Thread CKEditors
      5. Resize the browser significantly. Enough to trigger a phone/tablet breakpoint.

      Expected Result:

      • No JS errors.
      • No loss of content.

      Actual Result:

      • JS error within CKEditor code. TypeError: Cannot read property 'destroy' of undefined
      • Loss of entered content.

      QA has a test that tests two CKEditors on the page. A similar test should be created to also resize the browser.


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