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Calendar - Staged calendar could add new/edit events on Live



      After local staging activation, I saw that was possible to directly add new events to Live site and also to edit or delete old events without any replication on Staged calendar.

      For instance, I could edit the title of a previously published event directly on Live.

      Steps to reproduce

      1. Create a site called "test site", add a page to this site, add the calendar portlet to a page.
      2. Create an event on the site's calendar.
      3. Enable local staging on the site. Select calendar to be staged as well:
      4. Go to the live site. At the Live site, do the following:
      5. Click in "Add Event"
      6. Observe the possible calendars under the "Details" section.
      7. Click on the scheduler.
      8. Observe the available calendars.
      9. Click on the created event.
      10. Observe the available buttons.

      Expected results

      • In step 6, the Live site's calendar would not appear.
      • In step 8, no "test site" calendar would appear.
      • In step 10, there would be no "Edit" button.

      Actual results

      • In step 6, both the Live and Staging site's calendar appear.
      • In step 8, the Live "test site" calendar appears.
      • In step 10, it is possible to edit the event.


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