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KB Article Suggestion gets deleted without user confirmation/Popup is blinking



      The pop-up confirmation when deleting a KB Article Suggestion blinks instead of waiting for a confirmation. Despite the user not being able to confirm the deletion, the KB Article Suggestion gets deleted after the pop-up disappears.

      Steps to reproduce:
      1. Add a new page.
      2. Add the Knowledge Base Display Portlet.
      3. Create a new KB Article through Admin > Control Panel > Knowledge Base > Add Article.
      4. Go to the newly created page. The new KB Article should be reflected in the KB Display portlet.
      5. Click on the "Do you have any suggestions?" link to add a suggestion.
      6. After submitting the new suggestion, click on "Move to in Progress" to change the suggestion's status.
      7. On the Suggestions Navigation bar, click on "In Progress (1)".
      8. Click on "Resolve".
      9. On the Suggestions Navigation bar, click on "Resolved (1)".
      10. Click on "Delete".

      Expected result: A pop-up should appear asking for confirmation that the user wants to delete the suggestion.

      Actual result: The pop-up confirmation blinks and the suggestion is deleted without user confirmation.


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