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Knowledge Base Settings Headers are not rendering correctly.



      Knowledge Base Configuration windows have the incorrect headers when configuring the following:

      Knowledge Base Role Permissions - Folders
      The section header for Knowlege Base Folders under Role permissions shows up incorrectly. Rather than displayed as Knowledge Base Folders, it's displayed as 'model.resource.com.liferay.knowledgebase.model.KBFolder'

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Admin, Control Panel, Roles
      2. Add a role
      3. Edit the roles
      4. Select Define Permissions
      5. Navigate to Site Administration > Content > Knowledge Base
      6. Assert Knowledge Base Folders is present

      Expected Result:
      Knowledge Base Folders permissions are present

      Actual Result:
      Knowledgebase Folder permissions are present, but displayed under 'model.resource.com.liferay.knowledgebase.model.KBFolder'

      Knowledge Base Permissions - View Suggestions
      The title of the column is not "view Suggestions" and instead is "action.VIEW_SUGGESTIONS" which does not match the rest of the permissions list. This was observed in both master and ee-6.2.x

      1. Admin > Content > Knowledge Base
      2. Click on Permissions
      3. assert View Suggestions is showing correctly

      Expected Result:
      View Suggestions would display correctly in the permissions window.

      Actual Result:
      View Suggestions shows as 'action.VIEW_SUGGESTIONS'.




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