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Two KB Articles with same priority break next/prev links navigation in KB Display Portlet



      If two Knowledge Base Articles share the same priority, the Knowledge Base Display portlet next/prev links navigation don't work.

      The first priority 1.0 article displayed has both next/prev links to the 2nd priority 1.0 article. The 2nd priority 1.0 article only has prev/next links to itself and you can't navigate to the next article.

      1. Add page.
      2. Add Knowledge Base Display portlet to page.
      3. Navigate to Admin > Content > Knowledge Base.
      4. Add Folder 1.
      5. Add Article 1.
      6. Add Article 2.
      7. Add Article 3.
      8. Add Article 4.
      9. Set Article 4 priority to 1.0 to match Article 1.
      10. Navigate to page with KB display portlet.
      11. Attempt to use the next/prev navigation links.

      The page will render with one of the priority 1.0 articles first, and have next/prev links to the other priority 1.0 article.
      You can navigate to the other priority 1.0 article,, but both navigation links point to the same article you're already on.
      You can't navigate forward to Article 2, Article 3, or back to the other priority 1.0 article.

      Expected Result:
      Working navigation or a warning/inability to set two articles with the same priority.

      Actual Result:
      Non-working navigation with no warning that two article are set to the same priority.




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